Welcome to The Coco!

Welcome to The Coco! The Coco was born from a seemingly simple desire: to better understand the clothes we buy, and ultimately, feel good about wearing them.
We created The Coco for ourselves and other ‘Conscious Consumers’ who are tired of supporting fashion giants that have little regard for our planet, or its people. Instead of being a source of guilt, we believe that the clothes we wear should be a source of pride and a reflection of our values.
To this end, we have curated a selection of innovative, style-forward brands that prove that you don’t have to compromise on ethics for style. Since ‘ethical’ is a bit of a grey area we want to truly share the story behind each maker, giving you the opportunity to assess the merits of each brand for yourself. Not only does this enable you to explore brands that align with your particular ethics, it lets you start curating the story behind your style.
By choosing to support brands that share a commitment to ethical production, The Coco seeks to challenge trends of throwaway consumerism and instead promote a purposeful shopping experience. Thank you for joining us on our journey and stay tuned for the launch of our store!