Fashion as a Tool for Change: LuvRevolt

We talk a lot about the negative impact of the fashion industry, but can fashion be a tool for positive change?
A growing number of brands and labels are not just working to limit their environmental footprint, but are actively seeking to maximise their positive impact on society. Whether it’s employing marginalised communities, or incorporating a charitable mission into their ethos, we are thrilled to see more brands integrating social and environmental goals into their core mission.

Photo from past expedition bringing solar panels to elementary schools in the Andes.

LuvRevolt – ‘What if the clothes you wore could enlighten others?’
The campaign LuvRevolt is a perfect example of fashion as a force of good. La Petite Mort, a French label with a focus on high-quality, organic materials, has teamed up with Social Andean Expedition (SAE) to bring solar panels to small public schools throughout the Andes.
Originally from Peru, La Petite Mort founder Andrea Sanabria Oviedo has a strong connection to the Andes and already sources baby alpaca (not actually from babies- just super soft!) from the region. When an old friend of hers, Alfredo Bendezu from SAE, contacted her with an opportunity to join forces and raise money to bring solar panels to rural elementary schools, they knew they had to work together.


Limited Edition LuvRevolt T-Shirt: ‘the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love’

The LuvRevolt crowdfunding campaign is selling a special edition of La Petite Mort designs, and will use all of the profits to fund the purchase of solar panels for rural schools in the Andes.

Limited Edition LuvRevolt T-Shirt: ‘And time fades’

The concept behind ‘LuvRevolt’ draws inspiration from Alfredo and Andrea’s shared history growing up in Peru. They see a dissatisfied generation that is eager to unite, energise, and bring tangible change to their local communities. It’s about a generation believing that a small action, with the right motive, can have a great impact.
The campaign is on a two-week challenge until Nov. 30th, if you would like to help LuvRevolt reach their funding target, choose your favourite design here, and help light up a school in the Andes!
*SAE works in close collaboration with local governments to find and asses elementary schools in the region that need energy and assistance the most. The schools that will benefit from this project will not be selected until the campaign is successfully funded, and SAE has had time to coordinate effectively with local governments. Visit the Social Andean Expedition website for more information on expedition opportunities to the Andes and previous successful projects.